Digital reservations in restaurants

It’s Friday afternoon. You decided you could go tomorrow for a family lunch somewhere in the city. You’ve chosen a restaurant, found their phone number. But no one’s answering. Now what?

The hospitality industry is constantly developing, constantly looking for new innovations to keep up with digital development and offer its users an even more pleasant experience. Digital reservations are one of the innovations that stand out for their practicality, efficiency and thus improved user experience.

Digital reservations make the booking process much easier. There is no more need for personal visits, long waits on the phone or awkward conversations. No more problems with miscommunicated booking times or similar situations.

Booking through online platforms offers users the opportunity to review all available dates and times, and they can select and confirm their reservation within a few minutes. Not only does it provide users with an easy way to book, but it also reduces the burden on staff who are no longer responsible for answering the phone and taking reservations.

Reservations can also be made at any time and from any place, and do not depend on the restaurant’s opening hours. Whether someone was just fishing and remembered that they could go for fish soup, or if someone watched a Mexican soap opera in the middle of the night and decided to have a Mexican meal the next day at a restaurant. All you need is a smartphone or a computer and the booking is done.

Digital reservations are not only an attractive option for users but also for the restaurants themselves. It has been proven that with their help, higher occupancy of capacities is achieved and thus higher income. There is no more room for human error in quickly writing down a reservation, everything is adjusted by the algorithms created for that.

The risk of no-shows or overbooking is also reduced. Guests receive reminders and can easily change or cancel their reservations.

If you don’t have the option of digital booking yet, and you like the idea, feel free to contact us.

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