Mastering the art of shifts: Servers balancing day and night

Working in the hospitality industry demands remarkable dedication and adaptability, particularly when it comes to unconventional hours. Servers, both men and women face daily challenges such as fluctuating work schedules and their ability to adapt surely deserves the spotlight.

Ever wondered what servers truly do when the sun sets while we contemplate our dinner options? That’s when their shift begins. They are ready to welcome guests for dinner at a restaurant or drinks at a café. But what happens when evening turns into night and night turns into dawn?

It’s no secret that servers often work shifts that start in the afternoon and go deep into the night. Working late hours and weekends is an inevitable part of the job and this lifestyle can pose challenges in maintaining a work-life balance.

Servers are not your ordinary employees though. They possess a spirit of adaptability and a readiness to face the challenges that come with unpredictable conditions. We bring you a few stories that shed light on their extraordinary adaptability.

Meet Maria a server who works at one of the city’s most popular nightclubs. Her shifts begin well after midnight yet she manages to tailor her daytime activities including hitting the gym, spending time with family and friends all while providing exceptional service to nighttime guests.

In one small restaurant you’ll find Vito, a server whose every day is a new challenge. His shift might start in the morning or late at night but his energy and infectious smile remain constant. Vito claims that in addition to his work he manages to attend soccer training and competitions which is truly commendable.

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And the best part? Servers can accept new orders while still attending to previous ones. With our application working in a restaurant is no longer stressful, it’s fun and efficient.

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