Appearance & Languages


You have always wanted a program that can be completely visually adapted to your needs? And have you ever wanted to turn off certain options or to make them visible exclusively to certain members of your staff? Well, you are in the right place then!

Our program works at any screen size as well as all types of screens. You can choose from several icon sets that represent your selection of products and services or you can create your original selection.

Whether you want to change the theme of the program, or if you want to change seating arrangements in a few seconds – you can do it all. Create a unique visual identity for your copy of our program, adapt it to the look of your venue and stand out among the competition.

Limitless Themes

Choose between 100 pre-made themes and completely change the outlook of your program. Each terminal can be individually modified, if necessary.


Modify specific functions within the program to make them do exactly what you want. Choose between 100 pre-made options for almost every button in the program.

Item Icons

Choose between more than 1000 icons to represent items or categories of items you have on sale, with the option of adding your own photos.

Tables & Levels

Create a limitless number of levels (a.k.a. regions) with their accompanying tables (elements). You can set up the tables virtually the same way you have them set up in your establishment. You can assign a different background to each level, or use the standard one.

Menus & Shortcuts

Hide those shortcuts and menus you are not using. Disable them for certain individuals or types. You can also let the program show you only those options that you use the most.


As the app boots up in fullscreen mode, nobody can exit the user interface under any circumstances unless they have your permission and a register showing that they have your permission.

Multilingual Support

AvailIT is available in many languages, including English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Czech, Polish, Chinese, Hindi and Turkish.

You can change language settings with just one click. Changes are applied immediately, you don’t even have to restart the app.

Of course, you also have to change the country where you are using your app within the settings so that country-specific tax regulations can be applied.