Bills & Bills of Lading


Issuing bills has never been easier, no matter what kind of bill you need. Personalize each bill and bring your services closer to your customers. Stand out among your competition. Use personalized bills to promote your establishment. Maintain maximum functionality. Let your bills do the work for you!

  • Bills (card, cash, cashless)
  • Card bills (with card types)
  • Cashless bills
  • Representation
  • R1 company bills
  • Bills of lading
  • Offers
  • Bon bills of lading
  • Issue slips
  • Bills for members (loyalty)
  • Delivery bills (with addresses)
  • Coupon bills (cutout part)
  • Combined payments
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Connectivity to EFT and POS Devices

Connect the program to credit card and debit card readers and automatize the way you issue card bills.

You hand out only one bill to the customer, and it contains all information about the transaction, without having to use an additional card slip.

Speed up your card payment process, eliminate mistakes commonly made with manual entries and decrease the number of canceled bills.

Accounting of Hours Worked According to Issuing

Account for hours worked based on the time when your staff issued the bills, days and months. You can also block certain employees from issuing bills at certain times or on specific days.


Division of Bills

Divide the bill according to items ordered by each guest, or divide it into equal parts, based on the full amount.

Happy Hour

Set up an unlimited number of price profiles that the program can automatically turn on and off at predetermined times set by you.

Change Types

Change modes of payments with just one click! You don’t have to issue a canceled bill and then a new one anymore.


With membership cards, you can keep track of company bills or limit certain members with a predefined credit or fixed amount of discounts. Prevent uncontrolled use of company bills in your establishment.

You can also create separate price-lists, such as a specific price list for a specific membership card user. All of this is available with a detailed record showing how much a certain member has spent, at which time she or he is making orders, what are they ordering and how much.