Clients & Loyalty Programs


Create your own strategy for client loyalty programs or choose from one of our pre-made strategies. Our program offers many options, all you have to do is choose what suits you best and put it into use.

Boost profit

With our loyalty program, our users have increased profit by 35%

Maintain guests

65% of clients will stay loyal to your program and keep coming back

Initiate interaction

85% of guests will maintain regular interaction with your business

A regular customer is a happy customer

Our loyalty program can enable you to:

● Give your customers a reason to come back
● Boost profit
● Personalize your relationship with your customers
● Create a database of customers
● Be more competitive
● Have more customers
● Group customers into categories
● Develop a business brand
● Much, much more


Points & Discounts

Define points for certain items, discounts for groups of items and more. Choose what items you want to push more and boost sales.

Customer Care

Our program can automatically send out greeting cards to your customers - birthdays, holidays and more. You can also send any type of notice to your customers manually.

Keeping Track of Expenses

Keep track of how much your customers are spending. This will give you great insight into their spending habits. Knowing their spending habits can increase your sales in the future.


Automatically print out coupons with every invoice, based on the parameters you have set up: minimal bill amount, the minimal number of coupons needed to take part in a competition and much more.

QR Codes

Transfer your loyalty program to your web page and let your customers gather points by scanning their QR code. Yes, it is that simple.

Mobile App

Allow your guests to activate their points and discounts by using your mobile app on their phone. The future is indeed here.

Partnership loyalty programs

Our program supports regional and international loyalty programs - you can implement them into your business system.

These loyalty programs allow users to activate points and discounts across various establishments, including your own.

Connecting your loyalty program to a third-party loyalty program is conducted automatically and completely transparent.

Introduce a loyalty program to your business today!

The best time to introduce a loyalty program to your business is - now.
We support any type of loyalty program you choose.



By introducing cards for customers you can keep track of bills and push the sales of particular items by connecting them to loyalty points and discounts.

You can even create special price lists for one customer alone, based on the card they use. Add custom designs to your cards and make them a part of your brand’s visual identity.