Connectivity to Other Systems



Take in reservations via your web page, Facebook fan page, and similar networks. Everything is automatically transferred and displayed in our reservation system


Connect our program to your web shop. Transfer products, services, receipts and anything else you need automatically.


Take in delivery orders from your customers, directly via your web site or web sites of your delivery service partners.

Do you need a custom module?

If you need a custom-made module or if you need to connect to a third-party app, feel free to contact us. Our developers will customize our program in accordance with your demands.



Our program has always been cooperative with programs from other providers. Most likely we already have a communication channel with your preferred system.

We cover all areas – large systems and simple automatic data transfers.

Accounting Programs
We support most major accounting programs, as well as transferring data into those programs.
Hotel Systems
Accounting entries for room receipts are no longer a problem. Transferring information from reception systems is easy. Our ReceiveIT hotel program guarantees 100% coverage and compatibility.
Call Centers
Our program can be connected to modern types of call centers. Our PhoneIT system for call centers gets the job done.
Supplier Documents
We support automatic entries for receipts and document transfers between you and your suppliers.
Reservation Systems
We also support the transfer of reservations from all types of specialized programs.