Delivery & Phones


Delivery services are one of the key elements of the catering industry. Manual deliveries are only costing you time, money and patience.

Let our program handle allocations of individual orders, group orders, drivers, delivery invoices, connecting invoices to calls and everything else that can make your life much, much easier.

Customer Address Book

Add details about a customer when they are making an order, so that you don’t have to ask for any additional information the next time they call, all they have to do is make another order. You already have all the necessary information and our system will recognize that customer the next time they call.

Map Display

You no longer have to know your entire delivery area to make a successful delivery. All you have to do is take a look at your map and group orders visually. All orders are automatically displayed on your map.

Automatic Messages

If a customer calls you outside of working hours, an automated recorder message will let them know that you are not working right now. Similarly, you can also record messages for holidays or special events. Everything can be set up in advance.

Call Interception

Our program intercepts every call on any type of phone line, mobile or landline. All details are presented on the screen instantly when a call is intercepted - address, phone number, notices. All you have to do is take the order.

Call Recording

We offer the option of recording all calls so that you can listen to them later. All order calls are connected to their bills, making it easy for you to check what a particular customer has ordered and what were they actually charged for.

Printing on the Invoice

All information about the order is available on the invoice. Delivery personnel no longer have to waste their time going through delivery bills, because everything has already been printed out and arranged according to delivery time.

Online Orders

Take in orders from your web sites and other web sites as well. Everything is connected through our program.

Centralize your orders, no matter their channel of origin.

Manage all orders transparently and equally, treat your customers the way you want to.

Call Center

If you are looking for a central call center that will coordinate orders from multiple establishments, you have come to the right place. Our program enables orders to be transferred from call centers to specific establishments that will carry out the order, making orders simpler for your customers.



Control every aspect of your delivery services. Increase profit by using analysis available through our program, which will let you take better care of your customers at any given moment.

Your customers will appreciate this!

Spending Habits

Use analysis to keep track of your customers’ spending habits. Information about which customer makes what orders, how much they are spending, what is their favorite food to order, their usual delivery address and much more - all of this is available with just one click.

Detailed Reports

Phone reports are an integral part of our program. You can keep track of the duration of each call, how much did it cost you, was the call even answered or not, listen to its recording or whatever else you might need.

Vehicle Tracking

There is also the option of monitoring your delivery vehicles. Keep track of what routes your delivery staff prefers, who is using the shortest route and who is slacking off. You can also monitor their driving speed and the state of their vehicle.