Merchandise Transactions


Managing items and warehouses has never been easier! We offer complete material accounting services – all in one place, within a single program and with a user interface that you are already used to.

Documents that you cannot obtain in regular business operations:

  • Suppliers
  • Warehouse bills (for an unlimited number of warehouses)
  • Issuers (income booking)
  • Write-offs (goods write-off)
  • Delivery notes (issue slips)
  • Proof of delivery notes
  • Order forms (orders to suppliers)
  • Transfer notes (more warehouses within one facility)
  • Inventory lists (with inventory clearings)


Mobile terminals
Go through inventory entries on your mobile terminals or tables, or directly inside the warehouse. Eliminate unnecessary papyrology and common mistakes.
Inventory can be conducted by weighing on a scale that is connected to your computer. This method makes inventory quick and easy and also eliminates potential errors.
Electronic dozers
Connect your electronic dozer system with our program and automatically compare statuses and quantities according to program and dozer.

Don’t let inventory mistakes generate losses for your business!

Leave inventory entries to experts. Meanwhile, you can keep up-to-date with automatically generated comparison charts in real-time.
Deficit and surplus calculations are conducted automatically by our program, according to purchase and sales prices - all in one report.



Items & Rates

Item entry has never been easier, faster or simpler. Item copying is available, which is an option that also speeds up work.


Choose your main warehouse and add as many as you want. Run administration of multiple warehouses with a couple of mouse clicks.

Analytical Cards

Analyze items and movement of goods in your business system all with just one click. An analysis is available for items, warehouses, item categories and much more.

Minimal Quantities

Set your optimal and minimal warehouse item quality. Adjust your program settings to make sure you are notified when you reach your optimum and minimal quantities.


Run calculations according to common entry documents. Fully automatized. No more time-wasters.

Return Fees

Keep track of packaging and return fees for packaging. Automatized, directly from our program. Increase profit with proper management of return fees.


With all the types of reports we have to offer, there is no way you will ever miss a single item from your inventory.

Keeping track of the movement of your supplies is available with just one click.