Mobile & Field Work


Establishments that use mobile orders and mobile invoicing generate up to 30% more revenue than the ones who are still using traditional methods of taking in orders and issuing bills.

Increase your business volume and staff productivity. You can get more from a single table because you won’t be wasting your time getting from taking in an order to issuing a bill.

Here are some of the advantages this method has to offer:

  • Simplified work
  • Decreased staff
  • Fewer time-wasters
  • Each spot can become 50% more efficient
  • Taking in orders directly increases productivity
  • Issuing bills right directly decreases possible errors
  • One bill can be easily divided when issued directly
  • Special orders and notices are implemented easily via a tablet
  • Taking notes is much easier with a tablet


Same interface

You don’t have to get used to different interfaces on your mobile and fixed terminal. It’s all the same program with the same-looking interface, everywhere.

Mobile invoicing

Print out bills directly with a mobile printer. All combinations of bills and invoices are supported, just like they are on a fixed printer.


You’re already mobile. With the option of feedback, your production department (kitchen, bar) can let you know when your order is done.


Our program is available for fieldwork - orders and sales. There is no need to be constantly connected to the main server.

All information gathered by your field staff can be transferred into the main system whenever you like and that information becomes instantly visible.




Invoicing with a field tablet to a printer with all the options you are used to. Work for several hours without having to plug in.

Record of leaves

You can keep track of the working hours of your employees even when they are doing fieldwork. With our biometric methods, scams are impossible.

Data centralization

Centralize all the data taken by your mobile field units in a single business system like no other.