Orders & Feedback


More printers

A limitless number of printers per department. You determine what gets printed, how and in which department. Choose how to sync your devices. Choose fonts, font sizes and much more.

Order screens

Set up order screens in different departments (kitchen, pizzeria, etc.) where your staff can easily see all open orders, signal when an order is done and many other options.

Mobile orders

You can implement mobile orders via a tablet device, increase profit, decrease the demand for more staff, upgrade the quality of your services and speed up the time between making an order and issuing a receipt.


Communication between you and your staff is conducted via notices that can be predefined, typed as you work or can be written by hand onto the screen and sent out for printing.


Different modes of printing orders
Whether you are using a classic course (line list) or if you let the program determine by itself which meal is assigned to which course, we support all modes and variants of printing out orders (up to five modes total).
Order transfer
You can transfer an entire order or a part of the order from one table to another with just one click. Of course, you can do so if you have a full record of all operations.
Printer messages
Send a message to one printer or more, regardless of the order. Inter-staff communication through a system has never been so easy!
Order time
Define the average time needed to fulfill an order and check to see if your departments are delivering them on time, as well as how much they deviate from the predetermined time limit.


We offer elegant solutions for getting feedback from production departments (kitchen, pizzeria, grill, etc) in accordance with the person who made the order.

When an order is done, the people who need to know about its status will be immediately informed with visual and audio signals. The production department will have a visual aid telling them if orders are late or if they need to be synced.

Feedback is also used to keep track of the time needed to finish producing an order. Special reports are used to show the average time needed to produce items, their fastest and longest time.
Keep track of your production departments with 100-percent accuracy. Prevent slacking and malversations.


Barcode Scanner

Once an order is complete, the only thing the production department needs to do is swipe the printed order under a barcode scanner, and the program will process that feedback. No expensive equipment is necessary. No time-wasters. No complicated systems.

Screen or Tablet

While orders are listed on the screen or tablet in accordance with the time they were made, the production department simply has to click on a certain order to signal that order has been completed.