Personnel & Records


Apart from the classic mode of authorization by logging in with a password, we offer many other more advanced and safer modes that will definitely eliminate any malversation attempts.

Biometric methods have been a part of our program for more than a decade. They are a tried and tested method that has proven to be the most reliable method both in theory and in practice. You can start using them today!

Cards & Bracelets

We support all types of cards - RFID, barcode and magnetic cards. For quicker and more comfortable authorization, we suggest you use RFID bracelets.


Fingerprint scanning is one of the fastest and safest application modes. Moist or injured fingers are not a problem - it’s not like you can lend your finger to someone else.

Facial Recognition

This isn’t science fiction, but an advantage you can have within your system. No physical contact necessary, it’s fast, secure and impossible to scam.

Records of working hours

Keep track of the working hours of your employees by having them log in when they come to work and log out when they leave. With automatized records showing you who is late and when or who leaves work early, you’ll be sure to easily find out who is slacking off.
Combined with biometric records - fingerprints and facial recognition - you will have a powerful tool for keeping track of your staff.

Human resources management features many options:

  • Sending notifications to the staff
  • Employee records
  • Vacation time, sick leaves and days off
  • Defining staff duties
  • An overview of all operations via terminals
  • Permission definitions (who is allowed to do what)


Are you still managing your time-table manually? With our module, that task can be so much easier. Within a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to create time-tables for all of your employees.

Copy and move cells any way you want. Our program will handle all the legal norms. Automatic calculations of hours worked are also available.

Define who can issue bills and when, and when they cannot by automatic blocking. Create multiple levels in one time-table, for different levels of employees, according to their duties: kitchen, bar, cleaning and more.