Get the most out of your internet connections as well as the option of sharing your internet with your guests. Having no control over network access is a thing of the past and we strongly advise against it.

Your Visual

Have every guest automatically visit your web page when they connect to your internet. Your web page features promos, daily deals, events and much more.

Web Page Control

Are you afraid that some of your guests could access immoral or illegal websites through your internet connection? No problem, you can limit access to such content and web sites.

Speed Limit

Are your guests complaining that their internet is too slow, while someone is using it at full speed at the same time and downloading large quantities of data? With our module, you can allocate bandwidth equally among your guests.

Increase Spending

Connect our program and our HotSpot module to your network and gain additional profit!

Print out the username and password for each guest on their bills.

You can set an internet access time limit for each guest based on the sum of their bill. For example, HRK 10 can be equal to half an hour of internet use.

Set up the minimal bill amount necessary to have internet access, or simply charge for internet use much like you charge for other services, with a time limit.

Interaction With Guests

Increase the interaction between your staff and guests. Make everyone see your promo posts, make everyone like your Facebook page or visit your website the moment they log into your internet.



Do you need to administer your HotSpot internet module in a detailed way? Are you a hotel or camp than needs a stronger internet infrastructure? You are in the right place!

In real-time, you can monitor the number of devices connected to each hotspot individually, how long is each device connected to your internet, how much data was transferred according to device, IP and MAC addresses, what websites were visited and more.

Kick out unsuitable users with just one click or let our system do it automatically based on your predefined settings.