Challenges of hospitality in the Corona Age

Challenges of hospitality in the Corona Age

In the current, challenging times, where the issue of safeness is emphasized and regularly asked question, technology is imposed as the main salvation, as an option to return to somewise a normal life. All the progress that just yesterday seemed perhaps difficult to achieve as a technological step out in business, suddenly imposes itself as a need and a precondition for the market survival in general. Croatian entrepreneurs are raising their voices against the unfair closure of restaurants. Are the rules clear to anyone? We seem to be unprepared for the situation, and a quick adjustment is necessary to ensure a smooth business and a safe environment for all of us.

Will the reopening of the restaurant be just a continuing of the old, forcibly stopped business, or does it mean for all of us a transition and adjustment to a whole new era? Greater distance certainly means reduced business capacity. But, does this really have to happen, or can we still respond to the challenges by applying new technologies, and remain close to at least current capacities. The processes of change are never simple, especially during a market crisis, but they can also be the main advantage for increasing competitiveness and attracting the audience with new, better and certainly more fun tools.

Avail.IT solutions are a response to new market demands, and in their simple use and advanced software and technology, they ensure uninterrupted business process and provide a fun user experience, while also being hygienically safe and in the norms of new legal obligations. Tablet, kiosk, digital menu, management and delivery control, are just some of the elements that you can combine mutually, and with other options make the ideal model for yourself.

Change the business model by investing in new technologies, provide yourself with a competitive advantage and guaranteed resource savings in the form of labor costs, time, etc. Be ahead of others Avail.IT.