A Simple Way to Manage Your Employees’ Working Hours

A Simple Way to Manage Your Employees’ Working Hours

As you already know, managing employees’ work schedules leads to a great waste of time. Not to mention the fact that even with a system, there are always misunderstandings about who is working and when.

We have a very simple solution for both you and your staff.

In our WORKING HOURS SCHEDULE module, you can add all of your employees – from cooks, waiters to assisting staff and cleaning service – in just a couple of clicks.

You can set up this document in accordance to periodic intervals:

– Daily
– Weekly
– Monthly

You can set up a schedule according to days off, vacation time, sick leave and other aspects.

For each employee that signs into their workday schedule record, you can manage their exact working hours. All an employee has to do is log in and log out. We offer a wide array of login options, but the most precise one is our FINGERPRINT option. With this option, it’s impossible for another employee to sign in for their absent colleague by using a login bracelet.

Reports will give you a detailed insight into the attendance records of your staff. Also, you can check all other records and search through them with specific filters.

Another useful type of report is the tardiness record, which gives you insight into who was late and when, as well as who left work early.

All reports can be printed or sent via email, decreasing workhour disputes in the process.

We definitely need to highlight our working hours calculator tool, which also features reports, as it enables you to calculate the total working hours of an employee in just one click.

You are legally covered, which is important, as you are keeping track of the working hours of your staff.