Avail.IT Custom Options: A Complete Guest Experience

Avail.IT Custom Options: A Complete Guest Experience

One of the key elements of successful business in the service industry, such as hospitality, is providing a completely personalized experience to guests. Each guest has their specific needs and desires, and Avail.IT custom options enable restaurants to meet the individual requirements of their clients. Through this innovative feature, restaurants can create an unforgettable experience for their guests, resulting in increased satisfaction, repeat business, and a positive reputation.


Personalized Orders

Avail.IT custom options allow guests to customize their orders according to their own preferences and needs. Customers can choose ingredients, customize meals based on their dietary preferences, and select the way dishes are prepared. This flexibility enables guests to create the perfect meal that satisfies their tastes and dietary requirements.


Individual Specialties

Through Avail.IT custom options, restaurants can track the individual preferences of their guests. This includes their favorite menus, drinks, allergies, birthdays, or anniversaries. When guests return to the restaurant, the staff will be informed of their specialties, creating a personal and warm impression and making them feel welcome and valued.


Customized Offers and Discounts

Avail.IT custom options allow restaurants to create special offers and discounts for their regular guests. Through loyalty programs, restaurants can reward guests for their loyalty by offering them exclusive deals and special benefits. This encourages guests to return to the restaurant and increases their attachment to the brand.


Optional Additions

Guests can add optional extras or upgrades to their orders through Avail.IT custom options. This can include additions such as special sauces, decorations, or choosing a specific table or ambiance in the restaurant. This flexibility allows guests to create a unique experience according to their own taste and preferences.


Personal Interaction with Staff

Avail.IT custom options encourage personal interaction between guests and staff. Through this feature, guests can communicate with the staff, ask questions, or provide feedback about their experience. This creates a sense of care and attention towards guests, increasing satisfaction and repeat business.


Avail.IT custom options are a key element in creating a complete guest experience. Through personalized orders, individual specialties, customized offers, optional additions, and personal interaction with staff, restaurants can create an unforgettable experience that exceeds guests’ expectations. Avail.IT custom options provide restaurants with a competitive advantage in the market, improve their reputation, and ensure long-term success in the hospitality industry.