Our software adapts to your specific situations and the challenges you face every day. Managing a beach bar and its services is quite a challenge for modern businesses.

Managing your business can be a breeze – with our software!

Sturdy Hardware

Our hardware is resilient to all kinds of weather conditions. It is waterproof, as that is necessary for any venue doing business at the beach - it has to be resilient to liquids, including seawater.

Mobile Payments

Charge for deck chairs, sports activities, and other services right on the spot - it has never been as easy as this, or more precise. Mobile payments are here for you!

Automatic Payments

Charge via coin token slots by connecting your system to our software. Issue bills and monitor consumption. Make your toilet and shower work for you!

Control at Your Fingertips

Have full control of your business at any time, from any location by using our app on your smartphone.


Connect your system to the hotel payment system. Book bar tabs and charge them according to room, use vouchers and transfer orders.

Service Quality

With our loyalty program module, you can make sure your guests will come back regularly. Increase the quality of your services to a whole new level!

Wi-Fi Access

Connect your program to our Wi-Fi HotSpot module and manage internet access of your guests. Don’t let your guests order the cheapest drink you have and then use your internet the entire day. You also have the option of charging for internet access - all this is available from the same source!

Control connection times and speed for each user, manage data transfer limits, block malicious websites. All of this is available on your current infrastructure. There is no need to get another internet connection.

Get the most out of your internet connection!

Increase Turnover

You can increase turnover for your beach bar by using a simple mechanism for charging and issuing bills.

Warehouse management, merchandise transactions, inventory, personnel records, and other standard options are guaranteed to improve your business.