Modernize your delivery service and save money at the same time! Don’t let outdated ways of making and managing deliveries stop you from making a profit.

Check out some of the options available that will bring your services to a whole new level!

Call Display

Automatic screen display of calls, regardless of their source - fixed or mobile phone line. We support all types of calls, including Skype.

Call Recording

Record every call and compare the actual order to the call that it originated from. Control the quality of work of your employees and manage complaints.

Map Display

Optimize deliveries via a screen display. With our solutions, anybody can become a delivery logististician, it’s no longer necessary to know your delivery area in great detail.

Spending Habits

Keep up with your customers’ spending habits, in real-time. Our program will display the latest orders from the customer who they currently have on the line, you can compare their spending habits, give awards to your best customers and much more.

Sales Analysis

There are no successful sales without sales analysis! You can compare your sales and items in one click, upgrade sales of weaker items, manage your delivery staff and much more.

Delivery Optimization

Are you spending too much money on inefficient deliveries? Is your delivery team too slow? Do they take longer routes? Our program will take care of all those issues.

Online Orders

Centralize your online orders into one single place.

We support all types of online orders, those originating from your web page or third-party food delivery pages.

There is no need to keep writing everything down or control your deliveries manually. From now on, everything is available in one program.

Delivery Staff Control

Controlling your delivery staff has never been easier! Keep track of how much time they need to make a certain delivery, analyze the routes they take, where they stop on their way and much more.
Maximize your potentials!


Satisfied Customers

Increase delivery customer satisfaction by using our program and taking our advice. Satisfaction is guaranteed for your customers, your delivery staff and you!

Suitable for all types of Venues

  • Restaurants
  • Pizzerias
  • Catering
  • Fast food venues
  • Sushi bar
  • Wok restaurants