We know that having control of your business in a dynamic nightclub setting can be difficult. With our modules, you are sure to have full control over everything.

Find out for yourself!

Electronic Dozers

Connect our program to a compatible electronic dozer system. Not a single drop of liquor will be poured without you knowing. Create full reports with our program.

Video Surveillance

Connect your video surveillance system so that you know what is being printed out on a bill and what is being delivered to a guest. Together with our phone app - it’s a winning combination.


Speed up the process of measuring drunks and making inventory entries at the end of a shift or working day. Replace your analog scale counters with one that is connected to a computer and our program. Get rid of data entry errors.

Mobile Payments

Increase profit during peak hours, have your staff sell your products through our mobile app and take payments directly from the guests.

Membership Cards

Have your VIP guests truly feel special. Give them membership cards according to their value ranking and control how much they are spending, what discounts they are using and much more.


Decrease entrance crowds caused by reservation mishaps. Transfer everything to our program and take in reservations digitally.

Stabile Work

Have you ever had your system stop working during rush hour? When that happens, you lose money and get frustrated. With the proper infrastructure and our program, we can guarantee you will be in business 99.99% of the time, 24/7, 365 days a year.



  • Different groups of favorite items
  • Staff control
  • Bracelet and card sign-ins
  • Decrease staff needed for receipts
  • Personalized designs for receipts
  • Order rounds