In today’s world of fast food venues, it is imperative that your work is done fast and that you have a stable software solution for managing your business. Moreso, having additional options make a huge difference, as they can speed up your work and by doing so increase your profit.

Digital Scale

By connecting your digital scale to our software system, you increase precision for weighing goods and that leads to greater trust from your customers. Forget about manually entering weight values into your system, as you can make mistakes. Everything can be done easily - automatically. And you definitely won’t be making any mistakes then.


Display your product selection and menus on digital screens that have been set up so that everyone can see them. Stop wasting your time by working manually and writing information down by hand - orders, prices and everything in between. Besides what you have on sale, you can also display adverts on your screens. The options are virtually endless.


From taking an order from a customer to delivering that order, you shouldn’t be spending more time on that process that what you have initially set up as a standard. In order to successfully follow the full process, all you have to do is print out a barcode on every order and your employee can scan it once an order has been completed.

Customer Display

You no longer have to waste your time on having to explain to your customer what amount they will be charged while making an order. By setting up your display at a place where customers can clearly see it, your problems will be solved. Our software will make sure that your employees don’t have to know any foreign languages to get the job done.

Calling a Customer

One of the greatest challenges of taking orders is following the sequence in which they had been made. Then there is also the challenge of having to call out customers once their order has been completed. With our software, you won’t be having problems like that ever again.

You can use tokens and assign them to guests in the exact sequence their orders were made or you can use big screens that will show customers the status of their order, as they can wait for the number on their bill to be displayed on the screen. This option is a huge problem-solver.

Standard options

Apart from venue-specific options, our software has all the other features you need, such as the option of issuing a discount with a bill, warehouse management, personnel records and everything else.



  • Menue charging (with the addition of various taxes)
  • Keeping track of packaging
  • License plate recognition technology (for drive-in venues)
  • Keeping track of time needed for preparation
  • Connecting customers in various ways
  • Exact change amount
  • And much, much more