Our module was designed specifically for all types of fitness and spa centers and it’s stacked with possibilities and options. By tracking your customers in great detail you can bring in more business and increase profit.

We have everything you need to successfully manage a fitness center.

Member Records

Keep a detailed record of members with their photos, manage groups of members according to categories, manage corporate members and more.

Groups and Terms

Connecting members to their groups has never been this easy. Create groups in just a couple of clicks, assign coaches for each group, keep records of members within each group.

Membership Fees and Breaks

Create memberships with information about the maximum time break a member can take. Keep score of breaks and their expiration dates as it prevents frauds and errors.


Whether you are renting towels or locker keys, our system will help you prevent possible losses of inventory by enabling you to manage records for rents and returns.


Book bills and debts associated with each member while that same member is training, with the option of paying later. Define debt limits and avoid awkward situations.

Cards or Fingerprints

Keep attendance records with membership cards or fingerprint recognition. We support all types of cards: barcode, contact, RFID and non-contact.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports enable you to increase your profit by providing you with a deep data analysis. Add filters and more!


● Managing attendance records
● Keeping track of rent and debts
● Keeping track of groups and terms
● Managing membership breaks
● Age groups
● Membership renewals
● New membership fee rates
● Managing guest records
● Converting guests into members
● Non-renewed memberships
● Member recommendations
● Much more!

Taking care of members

Send automatic emails or phone messages to members and inform them about special deals, new group terms, send greeting cards for birthdays and holidays, and much more.

Raise above the competition - your old and new members will definitely know how to appreciate it!




  • Managing attendance records
  • Keeping score of time spent at the gym
  • Automatic warnings about membership expiration dates and debts
  • Charging for memberships and services
  • Renew memberships with just one click
  • Create items and norms
  • Warehouse and merchandise transactions
  • Send email and phone messages to members
  • Group timetables and group member records
  • Managing human potentials

Use our detailed automatic member records to get better business results!