If you are looking for a unique system that will unify your hotel business, you are in the right place! Our programs are used in more than two hundred hotels, making work much easier for their users. Your employees can go about their duties while our software handles all the hard stuff. Find out how!

Booking Bills

Book a bill through our program, and charge for it through your central reception system. All this can be done along with merchandise transactions straight from our software.

Key or Card

Charging a bill to a room, bed or site can now be done with just one click. You can either manually select by choosing your room or exclusively by using the card belonging to that room.

Internet Access

With our HotSpot module, providing internet access while being able to monitor the activities of all users has never been this easy.

Rooms, beds, sites, suites and more.

Whether you are running a hotel, hostel, camp or apartments - we support all of them! We know that each one of them is specific and that is why we have integrated them into our system.



Whether you are using the ReceiveIT reception system designed by the same provider, or if you are using a third-party app, we are able to provide you with a seamless combination of those two systems, making them work like one!